I have been teaching at Mount Mercy College since 1998, after teaching special education in the public schools for twenty years. My teaching career included teaching in both resource and self-contained programs for grades K-12.

Here at Mount Mercy College I teach the following courses:
• ED 350 Classroom Management
• ED 371 Introduction to Multicategorical Resource Room
• ED 372 Collaboration with Parents & Professionals
• ED 373 Teaching the LD Student
• ED 374 Teaching the BD Student
• ED 376 Methods of Teaching Multicategorical Resource Room K-6
• ED 377 Methods of Teaching Multicategorical Resource Room 7-12
• ED 378 Special Education Post School Years
• ED 385 Tests, Measures, & Assessment

Areas that have received my undivided attention during my teaching career include Attention Deficit Disorder & Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder, Self-advocacy, Self-determination, and Social Skills. In addition, I have pursued keeping current with research and information on adults with disabilities.

Professionally I am pursuing my doctorate at the University of Iowa in Special Education. I also provide in-service training for local schools in accommodations for special needs and for dealing with those identified with ADD/ADHD. I enjoy working with both students and teachers in our local schools, especially as I work to prepare future teachers.

In my own time, when I am not studying for my courses, I enjoy cooking, reading, needlepoint, watching movies, and traveling. My favorite location for traveling currently is the Boston area, as much of my family is there.